Gersh Productions

Video Production

Gersh Productions utilises in-house, broadcast quality video equipment to take care of any aspect of video production, from on-location records, through to edit and delivery of the finished product.

Our internal "Client File Management" system allows our clients to quickly and securely preview video projects throughout the production process.

Internal Communications

With a large corporate client-base, Gersh Productions produces a range of internal communications videos including executive communications, event and product reels, training, and workplace safety resources.

We're able to produce video in familiar DVD, or digital formats, which are popular for distribution over the Internet for corporate networks and intranets.

Bespoke Video Production

Drawing on our television and broadcast background, Gersh Productions has the knowledge and equipment to produce video pieces to the highest standard.

Our overall approach to video production includes:

Examples of bespoke video projects that we frequently produce for our clients include online communications, promotional videos, sales and marketing communications, training videos, and OH&S workplace videos.

Event Archive Services

A video archive of an event may be utilised internally and externally as a reference, promotional resource, or communications tool. Gersh Productions uses its broadcast experience to deliver reliable and professional recordings of events.

We take event records seriously, and always ensure backup records take place, along with testing and monitoring to ensure the quality of video and audio is consistently high.

We are able to offer rapid production of event records immediately or shortly after the conclusion of an event, in addition to detailed edits and inclusion of production graphics and creative direction to event recordings should they be re-purposed.