Gersh Productions

Event Management

The Gersh Productions team is experienced with taking care of the entire event management process. Our approach is to maintain open communication with our clients, and take care of every detail.


The event management process starts with strong communication and project management. From organising external providers, such as webcast and shareholder services, through to managing the requirements of attendees and presenters.

Gersh Productions produces a "show book" for all of our events, to ensure every detail is clear and all requirements are met, giving our clients peace of mind that all aspects are covered. A show book outlines all key contacts, provides technical and OH&S information for event suppliers, and contains a current and precise schedule.

As a follow-on from every event, we're always keen to share feedback with our clients.


Our team has worked in most venues around Australia and many throughout the world. Whether you need advice and assistance in choosing a venue, or already have a venue for your event, our process involves dealing with the venue to ensure a consistent experience.

Our services include management of:

through to providing detailed floor plans to make sure everyone involved is working from the same page.


Gersh Productions combines its significant experience in corporate events, television broadcast, and large-scale public events. This gives us a great understanding of the importance of producing precise technical specifications, and utilising high-quality, high-reliability equipment.

Our understanding of the critical nature of corporate communications ensures that we utilise backup systems and processes to safeguard the technical component of an event.

We cover all technical aspects including:


Regardless of the type of event, it's important to produce a clean, consistent look across the venue, and through any communication with attendees and external delegates.

We collaborate with our technical and venue teams when developing a creative look and feel.

Our creative services combine design and consultation for